“I wish I’d thought of that!” (7 most common requests)

dreaming and happyHave you ever finished doing something – cooking a meal, buying a car, giving a presentation, wearing an outfit, etc. – and suddenly, inspiration strikes and you realized that _______ could’ve been a lovely addition/completion to the package?

How about in your current home?  If you’re like most of us, you have probably wished you’d thought of ______ before your home was finished. Perhaps the location of a closet, or you would want do it differently.  (next time).

Man and woman with blueprints.When people do decide to build/purchase a new home, there are many features to consider. As women-centric home builders, we constantly hear feedback from homeowners and often incorporate/offer some of the best ideas.

Often, the most common responses we hear is that many folks wish they had invested more in options up front instead of having to go back later and spend more time, energy and expense “modifying” something they could have addressed in the New Home Selections phase.

Here’s a list of the most requested items…

  1. The ultimate garage – many folks, men especially, would like to add one or all of the following: plug for a generator (and have the electrician complete the package after closing); completely finish (Insulate and plaster all walls and ceiling); a “Slop” sink (for gardening, washing the car, etc.);  and extra outlets (for tools, refrigerators, TVs, etc.)
  2. Surround sound and speakers – inside of course, in the entertainment area(s), especially (typically a living room), and often, on the back deck (for outdoor entertaining and relaxing)
  3. Comfort-height and elongated toilets – way easier on the knees!
  4. Heated tile floors – oh, how your feet (and your spouse!) will thank you in the middle of the night, and the dead of winter!
  5. Motion sensor light-switch – when your hands are full with the bags of groceries or oversized bunch of paper towels, the convenience of a motion light switch in the pantry is unbeatable.  It also works great for a Master Bedroom closet.
  6. USB charging plug – the coolest, and quite useful way, to charge your smart phone and devices and still have extra plugs to access for other electronic needs, this is a perfect addition to your Drop Zone.
  7. Battery back up garage door opener – especially in the (at-some-point-in-time-likely) event of a power outage or storm, this feature is quite helpful to have.

For these and more, talk to your H.A. Fisher Homes rep today, and visit one of our furnished models to see which home is right for you and yours…