What’s your home personality?

You and your friends walk into a model home with a gorgeous fireplace flanked by tall windows at the back of a beautiful great room. “Wow!” remarks one of your friends. Another (who actually thinks the room is a bit predictable) is trying to envision a more contemporary fireplace and a different window grouping. Your best friend is thinking about all of the natural gas it takes to heat that space. And you’re concerned with cleaning those high windows!

This example illustrates how your personality influences your perception of a home. Women tend to exhibit one of four primary home buyer personas. What’s amazing is just how much of our core personality shows up in our homes! Once you’ve identified your strongest personality type, you can focus on things that will likely be very meaningful to you and avoid wasting time with things that probably aren’t very important. It’s fun…and more than a little revealing into why you like what you like! Click here to meet the personalities and to take our survey to see who you are!