The Three Reasons 41% of Americans Want New Homes


Existing homes have the potential to offer a rich history and quirky details, but they can also come with certain limitations. According to a recent study by Harris Poll,  41% of Americans would prefer to buy a newly built home rather than an existing house, taking advantage of the many choices that come with a new property.  Not surprisingly, design, options, and lower maintenance were the top three reasons that people gravitate to new homes.

Among those surveyed, 55% found the idea of less maintenance and fewer repairs to be a major selling point of a new home. Older homes inevitably need to be updated, fixed, or replaced. Some repairs are more affordable, but others can be prohibitively expensive and often happen when you can least afford it. With a new home, there’s less chance of unexpected costs and the safety of a limited warranty.

The second most common reason given for choosing a new home is the ability to personalize up front.  When working with a new home builder, there are several floor plans available from which to choose, as well as personalization selections that can turn a new home into a dream home.  With existing house, there’s always something that needs to be changed, whether it’s as simple as wall colors or as extensive as replacing all plumbing or heating systems. A newly built home allows buyers to start off in a home that already suits their tastes and needs.

At H.A. Fisher Homes,we understand the desire for a home that reflects your personality, hence our  Finally About Me™ survey  that helps narrow down the home design and building product choices that will make your home a better fit for your personality and lifestyle.

According to the study, the top reason for buying a new home is the modern features that come with it.  The essence of a new home, from its design, to appliances (if included), and many other features often not visible to the eye make your newly constructed home much more efficient in day-to-day use.  A modern home is much more than just a roof and walls.  Innovations in technology are becoming a part of new homes in a variety of ways to make your life more comfortable and your home easier to use.

H.A. Fisher Homes is dedicated to creating homes for people that meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s changes. With this, the number of buyers choosing new homes may grow even higher than 41% in years to come.