Spring Fever – the Woman-Centric way!

As we all prepare to officially welcome spring in the next few weeks, especially in New England, we look forward to turning winter’s page both outside & inside our homes.  Warming up, lightening & refreshing our interiors are familiar themes this time of year.  From deep-cleaning, to redecorating, to finally tackling that project, spring fever is in the air!

Spring is also a great season to look for a new home.  When shopping for a new home, here’s how to refresh your perspective through the Woman-Centric lens!  The beauty of having a home designed “through the mind of a Woman”  means that lifestyle, usage & design are thought through.

We all like to entertain guests in our homes, especially as the weather gets nicer.  Having a home design that’s open & easy to host large & smaller gatherings – Kitchens w/Islands, open eating areas and spaces that flow to the outdoors – makes this all the more enjoyable.

Then, having designated areas in your home to store all the needed goods (along with thoroughly purging all of the ones not truly needed) helps in lightening your home & spirits.  A well designed home includes organized rear foyers, large pantries, walk-in master closets, linen storage and more.

Keeping stress at bay is, of course, beneficial to your own health & well-being.  In addition to making wise life choices, your home design should help you to de-stress as much as possible.  Separate living & entertaining spaces (for when the party goes longer than anticipated or overnight guests are noiser than  normal) & areas for you to relax (including a spa-like shower, sitting area in a bedroom or the spot outside) can be part of your Woman-Centric home.

Finally, a home that can flex along with ever-changing life seasons brings the other Woman-Centric aspects full circle. A “flex” room that is currently a bedroom for an elderly parent may be converted to an additional living space later, or a home office could serve as additional entertaining spaces for those large family gatherings.

Have you taken the Live-ability at a Glance survey to see which of the key areas are most important to you?  Learn your preferences today.  Visit our Woman-Centric neighborhoods to explore furnished model homes this week.    This spring, discover Woman-Centric homes…designed for how you want your home to live.