Resolution 2014: Organize!

Tradition dictates that when we turn the calendar over into a new year we make all kinds of resolutions to improve ourselves, our jobs, our surroundings…on and on.  It’s overwhelming – and destined to fail.  Instead, how about starting 2014 with a little less lofty agenda, but one that is doable and offers benefits to be enjoyed for the full twelve months – and beyond?

The suggestion?  Let’s cut the clutter.  There’s even a bonus!  A little organization and clean-up goes a long way in brightening up attitudes as well as surroundings.

Let’s face it – we all collect clutter and at times it can be overwhelming. But if you break down your home into zones (i.e. entryways, closets, garage, etc.), tackle one at a time and before you know it, the clutter comes under control.

Front DoorLet’s start at the entry – and for many homes, that is plural. There is the “front” door, or the guest entry,  and the back door, or the family entry.  The front entry is usually fairly simple – and if it is not, it should be.   Simplify your entries.   Keep a clear traffic pattern with minimal “obstacles” that don’t have purpose – i.e. coat rack, umbrella stand, bench.  Of course, a coat closet near the front door helps this all the more!

The family entry is often the bigger challenge. It’s usually one of the most cluttered areas iStock_000019134078XSmallof the house – a virtual drop zone for nearly everything that enters.  Depending on the physical constraints of your home, consider adding a small bench and various sized and labeled storage bins (possibly under the bench) near the door.  Labels can be arranged by name, photos, color-coded, categories, etc.  Whatever works for your family to contain the scarves, coats, rain boots, mail, etc. belonging to each member.

Backpacks and Jackets Hanging by the BackdoorAnother idea?  Simple, inexpensive coat hooks in this area (perhaps labeled by name, too) at appropriate heights help reroute those jackets, coats and backpacks from ending up on the table or living room sofa. Just think of how much clutter could be removed from your living area if you begin stemming it right at the door.

In 2014, think of your home in terms of zones and resolve to organize them one at a time – maybe one each month – and by 2015 you may have to come up with a whole new set of resolutions! Need more ideas? Check out our Women-Centric home designs – purposed to help minimize clutter and keep your home and family life organized.