Renting vs. Owning

House and Keys in Female HandsPeople rent for various reasons: no hassles, someone else to cut the grass and plow the snow, urban accessibility, etc. Yet, have you also considered the many advantages to owning your own home? For starters, pride of ownership, the great American dream fulfilled, desired location, smart investment…not to mention the tax benefit.


Why should I own?

When you rent, your hard earned money goes towards something you will never keep. Why pay for someone else’s property, when you can make an investment into your future? When you own your own home, you are able to build and improve your credit, lower your monthly expenses, and all the while enjoy a lifestyle you can afford.

Can I afford it?

Did you know that you can Own a NEW home (not a foreclosure you’ll have to fix up) for about the same price you pay in rent each month? Mortgage rates are so reasonable right now! For example, for a new home valued at $170,000, with a mortgage of $164,000, your payment could be as low as $760 per month, before taxes. Check out our quick mortgage calculator!

How can I find out more?

To discover how you can take advantage of all the benefits of home ownership, talk to your mortgage representative or ask us today. In your journey, visit our furnished models at Wyndermere. You can be living in your own new home before you know it!