Our Team

Hugh A. Fisher

Hugh A. Fisher – Founder & President

Hugh has been passionate about new home construction from the start of his career as a young real estate broker 40 years ago. He built his first home in 1976, and from the beginning, Hugh was focused on delivering beautiful, quality and unique homes for every client. Over the years, he has built over 1,300 homes for families throughout Rhode Island. Constantly seeking to improve design and construction technique, Hugh became the exclusively licensed Woman-Centric home-builder in Rhode Island in 2007. He continues to enjoy serving every client and desires they will be proud of their home for years to come.
Sarah Fisher

Sarah (Fisher) Bastajian – Vice President, Marketing & Design

Sarah began helping with her Dad’s business since high school, and started part time after college.  After graduating with BAs in Music & Communications, Sarah continued working part time with her Dad, then grew into full-time marketing and design concentrations with h.a. Fisher Homes in 2008.   She enjoys combining an artistic approach to communicate with clients.  As part of the design team, she meets with all clients to help guide them through the process to personalize their new home.

Mark R. Powers – Purchasing Director

Ever seeking newer and better ways of doing almost everything, Mark brings his background in finance and craftsmanship into his role at h.a. Fisher Homes.  Besides serving as the Purchasing Director, his love of technology, systems and people make him a valuable member of the team.  Some days he may or may not be seen with his little nephew in a hard hat at his side.
Vera G. Fisher

Vera G. Fisher – Certified Professional Staging Consultant

Vera brings a unique angle to h.a. Fisher Homes with her background in real estate, eye for design, and professional staging credentials.   A member of the design team and a certified Professional Staging Consultant, Vera works with clients to stage their current homes to sell in preparation for moving into their new h.a. Fisher Woman-Centric home.  h.a. Fisher Homes provides this service at no additional cost.
Richard J. Peach

Richard J. Peach – Construction Manager

Rick has been involved with home building and remodeling for almost 30 years, as construction manager and customer service representative for homebuilders in the Northeast.   In addition to overseeing each aspect of the construction on homes, Rick guides clients through site visits and follows up after closing.  His favorite part of the job is at a final walkthrough “knowing we delivered a quality home and seeing the surprise and excitement in the client’s eyes when they see their completed home for the first time.”

Patrick Garant – Assistant Construction Manager

Patrick has been with h.a.Fisher Homes for the past several years, rising from the ranks as his construction skills grew along with his practical knowledge of how things should work.  With an inquisitive mind and an ever readiness to lend a hand in a variety of situations, Patrick oversees a lot on the daily job sites, including managing the h.a. Fisher Homes’ Service area for our homeowners.
Verlie McNorton

Verlie McNorton – Interior Designer & Chief Inspirer

Verlie was and remains an inspiration to all.   With her 40-plus years of experience as an interior designer, which included work for corporations, private clients, and managing her own design studios, her impressive portfolio included both residential & commercial design work along the East Coast.  Verlie displayed her skills in a variety of places, including Designer Showhouses, office buildings, churches & private homes.   Verlie recently celebrated her home going, having lived a full & beautiful 95 years on earth.  Along with sharing her passion for design, abundant creativity and enthusiasm for life, Verlie  played a pivotal role in h.a. Fisher Homes being Women-Centric, long before it was ever official.  She will be forever honored & missed.



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