New or Used Home – what to do?

overwhelmed womanYes, you’ve heard, read, watched, wondered, and debated the benefits of staying where you are, buying a re-sale (i.e. used) home, or building a brand new home from “scratch.”  But still uncertain what you should do for your family? Think you’re better off buying a “fixer-upper” house and investing the next (_____) weekends of your life to just that?

Given all the pros and cons, here’s an un-abridged assessment of why – especially in the long run – buying a brand new home is the better choice.

First, there’s nothing like the Pride of Ownership.  Unlike renting someone else’s property, or having to live with someone else’s (outdated) preferences, a newly built home for you is truly YOURS to enjoy, both in posterity and in tax saving benefits.

Second, you select the Location.  When you build a new home, you choose the whole package – the area, neighborhood, school district, highway access, lifestyle needs, etc. – based on what is best for your family.

Third, a newer home is far more Energy Efficient, incorporating newer technology & advances, giving your home a tighter building envelope.  This, of course, translates to Lower Costs & Lower Maintenance – both in monthly living & utility expenses and in avoiding expensive hidden repairs or inspections.  You can actually enjoy living in your new home!

Then, there’s an often unconsidered aspect of New Technology.  Often, older homes (or rental properties) leave you searching in frustration for sufficient outlets (& having to drag extension cords or power strips) to accommodate flat screen TVs, DVRs, laptops, smart phones, etc.  New homes feature today’s electrical codes, equipped to handle today’s ever growing/changing technology.

Fourth, Peace of Mind just can’t be purchased.   Not only in technology in terms of Safety against natural disasters & home security options often incorporated right into your new home, but also in terms of the New Home Warranty that only comes with, well, new homes!

Finally, a new home is about you & your family.   The closed rooms, small closets and dark dividing walls of the past are often obstacles – both & in time and expense to re-do – that accompany older/used homes.  Updated Styles & Options available in newly built homes, are complete with openness, storage, and abundant natural light, designed for today’s family lifestyles.   A newly built home is Personalized to you– no old wallpaper & countertops, or even “cookie cutter” look-a-like – you choose what, how much and why to invest in the home of your dreams.

Questions?   Email us or drop by one of our open houses.   We’d love to help welcome you home into a new H.A. Fisher Homes community.