Incorporating the “man’s touch”!

We’ve all heard it – “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars!”  While we laugh, we realize that very often the priorities “he” may have when building a home may not be what “she” has in mind!  That’s where flexibility and compromise come in – and the home planning stage is the best time to begin those discussions in order to save time (translated to dollars) down the road.

If TV, movies and media are “his thing”, you may want to consider planning space for a media room – or theater room – depending on the way you plan to use it. This space can be designed to accommodate large screens, surround sound, comfy seating – and still be “useable” for small get-togethers and parties.   Envisioning how you will live in the space, both now and in the future, is elemental.

The term “man cave” has become a popular moniker these days and can be referencing that media room, or another “separate” space – in or over the garage, in the basement or spare room – just about anyplace that a man, alone or with friends, does not disturb the rest of the home.   Some guys fill their spaces with sports memorabilia, auto and racing references, even outer space themes have been used. You may even want to plan to include a mini kitchen, large screen and a half-bath. The décor can be truly “his,” but if considered in the early stages of floor plans, this space can be more versatile and accomplished more economically.

The garage is  one of those areas that has a lot of potential when given a little more thought than just the place to park the car and hang the garden rakes.  If there is a “Tool Time” fan in the family, he may dream of a workshop area complete with tool bench, floor space and electrical for large tools, storage, and of course, a refrigerator.  And, when considered in advance, a nice “gardening nook” for he or she might even become part of the plan.

The key is to plan ahead and consider multi-purpose uses for all spaces. Begin with a chat with your builder when you are first considering floor plans – the time spent at that stage can save a lot in the near future by incorporating the “man’s touch”.