Honoring a Legend

From all of us at h.a. Fisher Homes, today we remember & honor Verlie M. McNorton, a woman who inspired much of the Woman-Centric direction of our history. Long before it was ever official, Verlie had graciously influenced the way.

Verlie M. McNorton

A true pioneer in her day, Verlie’s long life was filled with amazing stories.  Through abundant changes & challenges, her determination, talent, adventurousness & faith carried her to beautiful overcoming & joyful success.   In addition to her incredible eye & creative flair, her career as an Interior Designer has been a valuable resource to many across the East Coast.

Verlie’s ninety-five plus years left a lasting legacy on her family, friends & a generation left behind. Wherever she went, she left her mark of beauty & grace on all she touched.   She will be forever honored & missed.