Home Theater, Part I

AEveryone in?  Ok, let’s dim the lights!  Did anyone grab the popcorn?  Hurry, grab a seat!  Shhh….the movie is about to start!    Have you ever dreamed of having your own private home theater?   Or a recreation room, complete with a ping-pong or pool table, board games, and, of course, a large flat screen TV?

If so, you are in good company.  A popular amenity in our society, today many families choose to designate an area of their home –  a “bonus” room over the garage, a finished portion of their basement, or another “flex room” – exclusively to media, recreation, and fun.  Whether gathering with friends for a game night, enjoying a favorite movie, or routing for your favorite athletic team, having an area designed to accommodate this type of entertaining is a luxury more and more sought after.Popcorn and Movie Tickets

Perhaps you are considering including this amenity as part of your home.  Before you head to purchase that 55” flat screen (or pool table), here are some helpful things to consider….  First, examine your space. Where can you fit this media/recreation room into your home?    How much space do you have to work with?  Of course, if you are doing this prior to your home being built, this process is far easier than if you are remodeling an existing home.   Consulting and hiring professional contractors up front is wise.  Visit our Anderson plan at Hidden Oaks to see a fantastic  space for a Home Theater….


Stay tuned for the continuation…