Home Theater, Part II

Director's Chair

So, we paused our movie to continue our recent conversation about Home Theater…  (See Home Theater, Part I, here).  After you ponder how to use that “Flex” or “Bonus” room for entertainment in your home, and spent some time examining that space to see if/how your vision could play out, we move to the next part of our discussion…


Next, determine the purpose for the room: do you imagine a well-stocked game room?  Kids playroom?  In-home theater?  An artist’s haven?  Man-cave?  Do you want to carve out an office nook in the space, or a mini-kitchen?


Once you have narrowed this down, and defined your space, then, lay out the components –  i.e. ping-pong table, flat screen TV, desk area, etc – in your room.   Research the sizes of the pieces and make some templates to place on the floor.  (Hint: Masking tape, cardboard boxes, or even recycled paper work well for this kind of activity).   Having actual sizes in place really helps determine whether or not, or how, the item(s) will work in your space.



After all of these steps, if your space lays out properly & budget allows, determine your décor, purchase the items, & gather some friends & family together to finish it up!  After all that work, of course, don’t forget to pour a refreshing drink, break out the snacks & have some fun!  Ready?  Lights… Action….!  Ok, you can start your movie up again.

Curious?  Ask us about Home Theaters & other “Flex room” options in your new HAFH home today!