Guaranteed Trade…peace of mind!

Imagine the freedom of moving today because your home is sold! Due to our Guaranteed Trade Program, you don’t have to be stuck owning two homes.

Your home SOLD guaranteed or we’ll buy it for cash! Sell your present home and purchase your new home in the SAME DAY and at a price agreeable to you.

One of our buyers said this about it:
“We’re glad we did it (TSA’s Guaranteed Trade) and would do it again.  TSA’s Guaranteed Trade really worked out greatly in our favor.  It was a great deal for us, and really allowed us not to worry about moving anymore.  We recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t want the stress of buying a new home and selling their current home.  It’s a no-brainer.”
– Tim & Marissa

You can contact The Stone Alliance to learn more about Guaranteed Trade: 401-623-2627