Get Organized Once and For All With Woman-Centric Home Design


For many home owners, there is a constant battle to keep the home organized and functioning in a way that suits a family’s needs. Year after year, a new resolution to finally get organized is made, yet rarely with much success. The problem is that too many homes aren’t built with proper storage, organization, and flex space.   H.A. Fisher Homes, a new home builder in RI, offers something different.  Understanding that women are usually the ones to deal with these key issues on a daily basis, H.A. Fisher Homes has worked to offer Woman-Centric  homes, designed to address the key issues that affect how a home lives.

A Woman-Centric home, among other areas, understands the importance of storage when it comes to being organized. The more storage there is in places where it’s needed, the easier it is to keep items in their proper place, leaving the home neater, while also making life easier. An H.A. Fisher home offers extra storage capacity in the garage or laundry room, rear foyer, generous kitchen pantries and linen closets, bedroom closets, and additional unfinished areas in the basement or on the upper level to provide further storage opportunities.

These unfinished areas also tie in with the concept of flex space. A home’s needs change as families grow and develop. As new hobbies are explored, new businesses are started, or family members are added, it is important to have spaced within the home that can be adapted to a variety of purposes. That’s why flexible living is one of the key features of a Woman-Centric home. These spaces include rooms that can be combined to create home offices, future bedrooms, homeschooling rooms, music or craft studios, offices that can become dining rooms, or dens that can become guest rooms, and even Casita spaces.

If you’re looking for a new home that can meet your needs today and grow with you in the future, turn to a home builder in North Kingstown, RI that understands how people truly live.  H.A. Fisher Homes builds Woman-Centric homes that emphasize organization, flexibility, and ultimately, livability .

In our next blog we will discuss ways to de-stress when entertaining which our two key components of a Woman-Centric home.