Four Ways to Decorate Your New Home Porch for Fall

Mother and son enjoying autumn in park

H.A. Fisher Homes builds homes that meet the physical and emotional needs of women, from useful kitchens to welcoming front porches. A front porch is a wonderful place to sit back, relax and enjoy some peaceful time alone or great conversation with friends and family. A nicely decorated porch makes a home’s entrance more appealing, whether you’re using it or just passing through. As fall approaches, a thoughtful use of color, plants, furnishings, and themes will make the front porch of your new home in North Kingstown, RI inviting and eye-catching.

22144329_m (2)An easy way to make your front porch signify the change in season is through the use of autumnal colors. The season naturally produces flowers and plants in earthy colors such as red, orange, and yellow, so look to these colors for your inspiration, and don’t forget to complement them and make them pop with contrasting colors, such as black, white, or rich green. A series of colorful planters running up both sides of the steps to your porch can be used for great visual effect, or consider creating the popular ombré effect with your flowers or planters, moving from red to orange, to a buttery yellow, to white.

Plants in all their forms are an attractive way to add curb appeal. Orange mums in pots or wreaths, small branches with red and yellow leaves gathered in vases, and dried cornstalks framing porch columns all pair beautifully with small evergreen shrubs or winter-hardy succulents. Arrangements of differing sizes of pumpkins and colorful gourds, whether on steps, in decorative lanterns, or on small hay bales offer plenty of fall-themed options.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can still add plenty of color and fall inspiration to the porch of your new home in North Kingstown, RI, through your furnishings. Fall-inspired pillows, whether Halloween-themed or simply a selection of autumn colors, add instant style. Consider using urn-style planters to hold large pumpkins for a simple but dramatic statement. Decorative lanterns in large and small sizes can be purchased to hold a variety of items, ranging from orange or yellow candles to a jumble of small gourds. You could even fill them with a garland of silk leaves in fall colors.

Of course, fall also offers up plenty of decorative themes, ranging from apples to harvests to Thanksgiving.  A scarecrow surrounded by corn stalks and pumpkins in a corner of your porch can be done surprisingly tastefully.  Simple burlap pillows decorated with fall flowers & fruit or even small life-like Pilgrims can add a touch of fun without being too over the top.

Pick and choose among these four basic elements and create an even greater asset to your beautiful new home. Remember our new Reynolds Farm model home will be open later this year. Email us to reserve your place today.