Flex Space – A Home Office

Young Woman Sitting in Front of a Computer and LaughingThe perfect home office takes careful planning, starting with where you want your office to be. Highly visible, public locations such as just off the entry can be great for welcoming clients and colleagues, but some prefer a more private area of the home to minimize disruption.
Then there’s the question of how the office will be accessed-off the, directly from the outside, or perhaps discretely from your owner’s suite? Is shipping and receiving important? You may want a location that provides the potential of a secure shipping vestibule.

Finally, don’t forget the office location’s proximity to a bathroom. And if you’ll be having frequent visitors to your home office, you probably don’t want the nearest bathroom to be your kid’s bath!

Does this “flex space” serve your needs?  Ask us today about a potential home office in your new H.A. Fisher Homes home.