What is Woman-Centric design?

Woman Centric LogoWomen-Centric was born from years of research, proving that 91% of all home purchases are made or primarily influenced by women.*  But a woman-centric approach isn’t just for women! It involves sensible, thoughtful design that is appreciated by both women and men. At its core, a woman-centric approach embodies the values and practices of h.a. Fisher Homes, Rhode Island’s exclusively licensed Woman-Centric Matters homebuilder. Learn More about the Woman-Centric approach.

*(Smith-Dahmer Associates, NAHB IBS)

What is Livability?

Your new Woman-Centric home built by h.a. Fisher Homes will have special attention given to the four areas of a home of a home’s livability:

Storage: plenty of room for keeping your life organized
De-stressing: spaces to help you unwind & relax from a busy life
Flexibility: allows your home to adapt to your lifestyle
Entertaining: optimal areas for easily shairng your life with others


Click here to learn more and to take the Livability at a Glance survey.

What is Finally About Me?

In addition to your home being Woman-Centric, we can take your home to the next level by incorporating your personality into your home design. Click here to learn more and to take the survey to determine your personality type today!

Buying a New Home

What if I have a home to sell?

At h.a. Fisher Homes, we help take all the stress out by offering our Guaranteed Trade Program. We can buy your present home when you purchase a h.a. Fisher Homes. Contact us to discuss this program and see how it could work for you.

How about staging my present home to sell?

To help you sell your present home, h.a. Fisher Homes provides a free staging consultation with our own Certified Professional Staging Consultant. For more information, contact us.

What is the warranty on my new home?

At h.a. Fisher Homes, we give a 10-year warranty on all our homes, including a 1-year limited service warranty. Your Home Owner Manual, which you receive upon purchasing your new h.a. Fisher Homes, explains this in more detail.

New Home Building

How does the building process work?

At h.a. Fisher Homes, we guide you through the whole journey (Process), from site selection/purchase phase all the way to the closing. The Home Owner Manual you receive at purchase describes the entire process in greater detail. Learn More

How do I choose a home site?

You will have an opportunity to walk the site with your real estate agent and an h.a. Fisher Homes representative to select the location for your new home. You will then meet to authorize the purchase agreements for your new home.

How long will it take to build my home?

The length of process depends on many factors, such as what floor plan you choose, the stage of the building, natural elements, etc. If we are building a new home from the beginning for you, the process typically is 3-6 months. If, however, you choose to buy a home that is further along the building process, it may be completed in 2 months or less. Ask us about our Quick Delivery Homes.



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