Fall landscaping tips…from a Master!

Gardening prepWhen the leaves begin to change, lots of images come to mind…apple cider, harvest, Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie… Mmmm! Often we think of raking the yard, but landscaping? Art, a URI Master Gardener, says that in spite of the cooler air & less green (browner) grass, proper lawn care this time of year makes a big difference for a colorful spring season. Check out his tips below:

Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs like tulips, irises and crocuses which will need a winter freeze to start their growing process. For best results, plant bulbs once the temperatures are in the forties and fifties, but a few weeks before the ground completely freezes.

If a summer’s worth of growth has caused your plants to outgrow their homes, take some time this fall to replant them in larger containers. Dense or compacted soil, poor drainage, or roots creeping out the bottom of a pot are sure signs that plants are root bound and struggling for more space. Autumn leaves & berries

Now is a good time to trim back your perennials. Not only will it clean up an overgrown garden, but will give the plants more energy next year.

If you plan on adding shrubs and trees to yard, fall is the best time to do it. You’ll want to plan trees and shrubs and the ground a few weeks before the first frost.

While it might look like your lawn has shut down for the season, a little lawn care in the fall months will guarantee a lush green lawn in the spring. Growth slows above the surface in autumn, but beneath the soil, your lawn is still hard at work establishing strong roots. Help it out this fall with a good mix of phosphorous-rich fertilizer, which strengthens roots.