How to have an easy kid-friendly move into your new Warwick RI home


Moving can often be a stressful time especially if your moving with children. No need to worry because we have tips that will make your move to your new home in Warwick, RI with kids go a little smoother. Many kids often times will not discuss how they feel about moving till you’re already there. Some warning signs to look out for prior to moving would be;

  • Sadness
  • Staying isolated from others
  • Arguing with siblings and friends
  • Tantrums
  • Not listening to parents
  • Grades falling

If you know the signs and take the following steps below before the move, your kids will be more receptive to the moving experience and reasons for moving.

  • As parents be excited about the move. Kids emulate what others around them feel. If you are excited about the move then so will they. Stay positive and uplifting about the exciting adventure of moving to a new place.
  • Let your kids talk about the move freely and how it makes them feel. Have your children write a list of questions they may have about the move. Sit down as a family and discuss the answers to their questions. Be sure to listen to their fears and take what they have to say serious. The unknown is serious to them.
  • Do not promise anything that will not happen to make the move seem more appealing.
  • Keep to your normal schedule and try not to disrupt the routine. If your family goes out to a move every Tuesday night then stick to the routine. The kids will feel stability with their normal routine when everything around them may seem so hectic.
  • Have a yard sale. The children get to rummage through their belongings and decide which items to keep and what to pack and they make a little money on the side. The money can be used to purchase new items they want when they arrive at their new home.
  • Visit the new school with the kids a few days after you arrive at your new home in Warwick, RI. Have them meet the teachers and get acquainted with their new surroundings. If they are interested in sports visit a local sports camp or team your kids may enjoy.
  • Meet your neighbors. After you have settled in have a small gathering with your neighbors. Invite them to a barbeque. Your children will be able to meet with neighborhood kids that they could be going to school with. It’s nice to see a friendly face when you don’t know anybody.

Kids are resilient and often times do much better than we could ever expect. As a parent we can make the transition a little easier for them by just being there and taking the time to listen. Learn more about what makes a home Woman-Centric.