Easy Closet Organization for your Home in North Kingstown


With an autumn nip in the air, it’s time to take a good look at the closets in your home in North Kingstown, RI. Summer beachwear, lightweight dresses, and a tangle of flip flops need to make way for warm leggings, cozy sweaters, and a tangle of scarves. To get your closets neat and organized for the change in your wardrobe, here are a few easy tips to make getting dressed on those cold, dark mornings a little bit easier.

First and foremost, it’s time to pack away any summer clothing that you won’t be using for the next six months or so. Even with a spacious walk-in closet like the ones you find in the homes built by H.A. Fisher, why take up unnecessary room with clothing that can be stored away for the season.

Now is also the time to go through your closet and see if there is any clothing you can get rid of, whether it gets tossed, consigned, or donated. Don’t limit yourself to the adage of tossing if you haven’t worn it in a year. After all, there are plenty of classic, special occasion pieces that may not be used every year. The key is to look at an item and decide if you would buy it again or wear it again for the right occasion. If so, hold on to the item, but toss anything that you realize may be a fad you have no interest in wearing again, even if you purchased it just a few months ago.

Once you’ve edited your wardrobe, it’s time to create a sense of order. Arrange like items with like, hanging all skirts together, all pants together, all blouses, etc. This way, even in a fully packed closet, you can find everything easily. To further improve organization, color-code your clothing within each section. Moving from light to dark, left to right, makes it easy for your eye to quickly scan the options. If you have a lot of patterns and prints, color-code them according to the primary color of the piece.

Finally, when it comes to bulky sweaters and any layering T-shirts that you keep folded and stacked, consider purchasing shelf dividers to keep the stacks neat, rather than becoming a mass of toppled clothing. Cedar folding boards can also be purchased to keep sweaters squarely folded as well as protected from damaging moths.

By following these simple, affordable tips, the closets in your home in North Kingstown, RI will be an ode to organization. Of course, if you spot a few holes in your winter wardrobe, there’s plenty of shopping to be done at the stores near your Reynolds Farm community.