Classic Home Styles in Reynolds Farm


Architecture has a long and impressive history to draw from when inspiring everything from soaring skyscrapers to humble homes. Even the grand temples and palaces of ancient times contain elements that can be found, scaled down, in buildings we see every day. Ancient Greece may seem far removed from your own new home in North Kingstown, RI, but many of the ancient elements of simple form, balance, columns, pediments, porches, and more make up what we think of as the classic style today.

The elements of classical architecture have been used for centuries, in various combinations, to the point that they have now become traditional and symbolic of stately elegance. Yet they can also symbolize warmth and familiarity.  In Reynolds Farm, Homes in the Classic style are timeless and inviting, with elegant windows, comfortable front porches, and gracious front doors to draw the eye in and create a sense of stateliness. Classic homes are well-balanced in their proportions, often with a sense of symmetry and simple lines.

Stylistically, Classic homes could feature spaces for formal living and dining, yet with transitional open layout designed to meet the way we live today.   The design of a classic home lends itself to a variety of decorating styles, from simple family coziness to more formal elegance. Whether your taste is more chintz and gingham or toile and damask, the classic home is an ideal setting for a variety of interior design approaches.  Throughout the home, you may likely find warm tones, often complementing fine woodwork. Homes found among the pages of Southern LivingSouthern New England HomeTraditional Home, or Architectural Digest are all wonderful sources of decorating inspiration for your Classic new home in North Kingstown, RI.

H.A. Fisher Homes offers beautiful Classic homes in their new Reynolds Farm community. Spacious homes with timeless facades, along with interiors designed to be both functional and beautiful, are the hallmark of H.A. Fisher Homes. Combined with the convenience and amenities offered at Reynolds Farm, there’s no better place to call home.