What Are Casitas?

Grandmother with adult daughter and grandchild

The way we live together is changing. A growing number of families are finding themselves in multi-generational homes, as adult children continue to live with their parents or aging parents move in with their children. Often, these living arrangements are the result of financial issues, but for many families, there are also cultural and personal reasons for maintaining close family ties. To make things easier and more comfortable, builders are designing casitas, which are small guest homes attached to the main home.

H.A. Fisher Homes recognizes the growing demand for homes with additional living space for extended family. Reynolds Farm in North Kingstown RI is one of our new home communities that features these casitas, as well as single-family homes, single-level cottages, and town homes.

One of the biggest benefits of a casita is the extra space it provides. Valuable room within the main home — be it a home office, craft room, home gym, or storage – isn’t lost with the sudden addition of extra family members.

Space is an obvious issue when it comes to multigenerational living, but so is the need for privacy. Casitas address both issues by providing a home within a home. This allows for privacy and independence, which can be important, especially for family members who may have been used to living on their own.

Of course, a casita doesn’t need to just be for family.   It could also be great place for visiting friends, or potentially can be used as a rental space.

At Reynolds Farm in North Kingstown RI, home buyers can enjoy the curb appeal of a single-family home with the added bonus of extra living space, as long as the home site itself has the space. Even if the extra living space isn’t needed now, it may come in handy in the future. In the meantime, it makes hosting guests an easier,  more enjoyable experience for everyone.