Build a New Woman-Centric Home

What makes a home Woman-Centric?

Just as your unique blend of characteristics make up your persona, a very special blend of planning exercises, design ideas, innovative products and materials are all put together with identified goals to create a woman-centric home.  h.a. Fisher Homes works with you to understand how you want your home “to live” long before all the building plans are complete. Part of this understanding comes from you participating in our Livability At A Glance and Finally About Me surveys.

Floor plans are available to meet your individual needs for entertaining, storing and de-stressing with allowances not only for your specific needs today, but also in anticipation of tomorrow’s. Then products and materials are selected to bring your dream home to reality.

Understanding the statistic that “women directly purchase or have a controlling influence in the purchase of 91% of all new homes,” h.a. Fisher Homes pro-actively puts into action the Woman-Centric home building process from start to completion.

Flexible and pleasant – two very important words trying to design the perfect home. The sales staff, carpenters and contractors were always more than willing to sit with us to discuss plan changes. They were easy to work with…

Steve Riley & Michelle Nealon