A better way to look at a plan

National home buyer feedback tells us that it is difficult for some people to envision a finished home when just looking at black and white floor plan artwork.

To help our customers get a better feel for a home’s livability factor, we at H. A. Fisher Homes have worked with Design Basics.  Their research was fascinating, revealing 4 primary “lenses” which buyers view through to determine a home’s suitability for their household: entertaining, de-stressing, storing and flexible living.  Hence, Livability At A Glance® and its accompanying color palette on floorplans make it easier to understand how a home lives while also helping to highlight amenities which might otherwise be overlooked.

Likewise, each of our floor plans are color-coded, highlighting these four different categories especially important to women: Entertaining (yellow), De-Stressing (blue), Storing (orange) and Flexible Living (green).  Now you can view home designs through a “livability” lens, and determine which of these four aspects you most prefer.

When you’re considering building a new home, the better you can picture yourself actually living in the home at the beginning of the process, the more likely you will end up with exactly what you had in mind when it’s completed!  We at H. A. Fisher Homes can build your home based on your preferences.

Take our Livability at a Glance survey to determine which of these categories— Entertaining, De-stressing, Storing and Flexible Living—are most important to you.