15 reasons to buy a new vs. used homes

Couple with moving boxes.1. Pride of Ownership – Unlike renting someone else’s property, Now, this home is truly YOURS to enjoy, in posterity and in tax saving benefits.
2. Energy Efficient – Newly built homes incorporate latest technology and advances, giving a tighter building envelope.
3. Less Costly to Maintain – New products & features incorporated into your new home can lower your monthly living and utility expenses. No more hidden repairs or unforeseen & expensive inspections in older homes.
4. Your Choices – Instead of living with someone else’s (outdated) preferences, or even a newer “cookie cutter” look, you can personalize your own home to your lifestyle/taste.
5. Location – Your choice of neighborhood, access to the world, school district, convenience, lifestyle, etc.
6. New Technology – No more searching for additional outlets, extension cords & power strips, as new homes feature today’s electrical codes to handle today’s ever growing/changing technology.
7. Lower Maintenance – Save time, energy and savings – instead of frustrating your time and finances in repairing rotting foundations, replacing old furnaces or leaking pipes, or tearing out soiled flooring…
8. Safety – Enjoy peace of mind afforded by up-to-date technology, duration against natural disasters & home security system options, all designed in your new home to protect you & your loved ones.
9. Style/Design Options – Save your weekends & late nights for you – not removing old wallpaper and countertops.
10. Open & Spacious – Design for today’s families and entertainment habits reigns – old and tiny gathering spaces are no longer.
11. Closets/Storage – Unlike older homes, you can find and use the closets!
12. Lots of Light – Openness, larger windows, light – no more time/expense tearing down walls…
13. Stronger Sense of Community – Moving into a newly built neighborhood, it’s easy to build friendships quicker and avoid that awkward “new kid on the block” feeling of established houses.
14. New Home Warranty – When did you get that with an older home?
15. New Everything! – Complete w/ “fresh paint” smell, everything in your home is brand new.